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images from around the world

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100 photos in 100 days
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Sounds simple. Take a photo a day, for 100 consecutive days. Miss a day, and start again...

Um, rules. Ok.

You must actually take one photo each day. If you can, post the photo on that day. If you can't, do your best, we'll forgive you. It'd be nice if you put up a little title and something about how/where/why the photo was taken, but again, it's up to you. Be creative!

There are no prizes for completing the challenge, other than a lovely warm glow of satisfaction, and possibly various people telling you 'well done!' Squeeing and *glomp*ing are allowed, in moderation. Excessive glomping will be frowned upon, and quite possibly pointed at.

oh, and try not to post any rude/offensive pictures, please? Try *really* hard, or I'll get upset. And quite possibly cry.

Are you up for the challenge?

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